Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mulit-Prize Giveaway at "The Forgotten Brush"!

Laura from laurart.etsy.com is hosting a 6-prize giveaway contest on her blog The Forgotten Brush. We donated this magnet as one of the prizes.

There are 5 other great prizes that will go to one lucky winner. Yes, the contest winner will receive all 6 prizes! Woo hoo! It's easy to enter and you may find some new favorite Etsy shops along the way!

The contest ends on December 12th so click on the link to her blog and put in your entry!


soultivity said...

Skull and Crossbones Hardware Earrings

by: susanwilliamsdesigns
these earings are the sizznet!!! lol love em!

soultivity said...

Fridge Magnet ACEO - Early Space Flight

by: LaughingFridge
and this is adorable, reminds me of my baby nephews. like a kid going for a space ride lol

soultivity said...

soulchain has left ,vacation moad i think, so not able to comment on that.