Monday, February 22, 2010

Give-away for Lovely Pair of Earrings by Susan Williams Designs!

I love giveaways.  And when the prize is a wonderful pair of earrings, I jump at the chance to enter because, I will admit it now, I am an earring addict.  I've already got my entries in, and being the kind person that I am,  I'm passing along this link so you can enter as well! Take a look around Susan's shop and her blog, The Redhead's Homestead. She makes fantastic jewelry, and is a very nice person too (no, I don't get an extra entry for flattery)!

May the best blogger win!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


We received the nicest Valentine ever from one of our Etsy teammates on The Loud and Wacky Street Team! Debbie, known as soulinchains on Etsy, created this wonderful card especially for me and John. Trust me, she got our likenesses perfect!  Just like "An American Gothic", there we are with the paintbrush between us.  And yes, that's a UFO above us. It belongs to John but it doesn't fit in our garage.

Thank you so much for this great Valentines Day card, Souli!

Be sure to visit her shop, she knits the cutest mini bags!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wacky Valentine Giveaway - One Week Left to Enter!

We're members of Etsy's Loud and Wacky Street Team (LAWST) and this team loves to promote not only its members but other new or unknown shops on Etsy.  A fantastic giveaway is being held on their blog where one person could win multiple prizes, all donated by different shop members!  The prizes are valued at over $75.00! That's a lot of booty!

Enter Here! It's fun and you may discover some cool new shops!