Monday, February 22, 2010

Give-away for Lovely Pair of Earrings by Susan Williams Designs!

I love giveaways.  And when the prize is a wonderful pair of earrings, I jump at the chance to enter because, I will admit it now, I am an earring addict.  I've already got my entries in, and being the kind person that I am,  I'm passing along this link so you can enter as well! Take a look around Susan's shop and her blog, The Redhead's Homestead. She makes fantastic jewelry, and is a very nice person too (no, I don't get an extra entry for flattery)!

May the best blogger win!!


Anonymous said...

Nope, flattery won't earn you extra entries, but it will earn you bonus points, in case you win. Thanks for the feature about my giveaway! YOU ROCK!

Christie Cottage said...

She has beautiful jewelry and is a super nice person too!

Ok, gotta go click to enter!

johnniebelinda said...

I love every SUSAN creates, I could use these to show off my monkey ears said...

Wow..those are beautiful!!!