Friday, July 22, 2011

Etsy D-Listers Having a Great Giveaway!

Wow, I happened upon this blog that is have a super huge giveaway!! I love giveaways, and I love winning them even more :)  (The only reason I'm blogging about this is to get another entry, and secretly hoping that no one sees my blog to keep the competition down...)

Here's the link to their blog and giveaway, and if you do read my blog please do check it out.  The team members have some great shops and lots of fabulous wares!


Steph said...

Thanks for sharing our team's giveaway! I am following you now! Hannah, Eddie, & Bob are so cute!!!!!

Karen Casey-Smith said...

Fingers crossed for you, Donna! I hope you win. :)

laughingfridge said...

Thank you Steph and Karen :)