Friday, September 18, 2009

A Thank You Treasury to Etsy Shops

This morning I was up early and snagged a Treasury that I had anxiously been waiting for! I had my Poster Sketch all ready to go just waiting for the chance to use it! I used my Etsy shop's Heart Wheel (where you see how many hearts you have from others), and scrolled my mouse all around it with my eyes closed, and randomly selected shops. From their shop I selected either one of their featured items, or one I really liked. Our shop has quite a few hearts, and I could only select 12 and 4 alternates, but I hope to keep doing treasuries like this. It's our shop's way of saying "thank you" for liking our shop enough to make it one of your favorites! Plus, it was a lot of fun going through all those shops again! Here's the treasury link:

Please take a look and enjoy the shops. There are some very interesting ones to browse through.

Here's a couple of items in the treasury:

Tomato Tray by fickletink

Hoot Owl Barrettes by azek2000

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Christie Cottage said...

Woohoo I am going to check it out! Congratulations!